Helsinki, Finland

About Me


• M.Sc in Economics and Business Administration Degree, specializing in Digital and Mobile Business, Information Systems (2016)
• BBA Degree in International Business, specializing in Global Marketing (2012)

Own Ventures

Co-Founder & Managing Director

We are dedicated to helping restaurants, cafés, and bars across Finland create unique and memorable experiences for their customers by supply products from Vietnam suppliers to Finnish customers.

Focus areas:

• Import and Distribute high-quality F&B products

• Branding Consulting Service

•Private PR events

Co-Founder & Head of Business Development

SWITCH ( formerly known as Vietnamese Entrepreneurship Society in Finland) is part of the startup ecosystem in Finland. It is run by young entrepreneurs and supported by people interested in entrepreneurship.

Our mission is to initiate, nurture young and entrepreneurial minded people by providing hands-on skills, resources, and network. Our association wants to promote the Startups in Finland to the world.

SWITCH is a pioneer of its kind that follows the Entrepreneurship Society movement. It’s built for young talented people in Finland to access to the Entrepreneurship path. Besides, we believe the new generation of Vietnamese expats and international talents in Finland are able to create Start-ups that make social impacts globally. We also want to change the typical stereotype toward international talents who can also create unicorn startups.

Professional Experience

• Co-founder, Head of Business Development @VietES Finland
• International Trade Consultant @ShineBridge
• Country Sales Manager @Flexbright Oy
• Master's Thesis Worker @Eatech Oy


Computer Skills
Microsoft Office 365
Teamwork software (Teams, Slack, Zoom, Miro, Trello)
Data visualization (PowerBI)
CRM systems (Hubspot & Dynamics CRM)
Microsoft Dynamics AX
Language Skills


• General Academic Scholarship, ENGSTRÖM SCholarship 2015
• Hanken Scholarship 2015
• Representative at NORDPLUS Intensive International Week 2010 in Germany

Me as a person

• A strong believer in the rule of self-motivation and discipline. Success must be earned through hard work, dedication, an utter rejection of laziness and cheating in both work and life. I embrace the values of honesty, dignity, and strong-willingness, I often initiate in leading myself and my team on challenging yet honoring paths.
• It is important to me to carry out tasks which are professionally and personally challenged so that I am able to constantly develop myself.
• I adjust quickly to new circumstances and open to new approaches
• "Taking happiness in bringing people together" is my motto. I love to bring everyone together in celebration of cherished events that hold team members and communities together. Therefore, I regularly take part in organizing social and business events.
• I enjoy building personal and professional international networks, love traveling and outdoor activities. Besides, cooking and reading inspiring stories are the ways of how I often spend free time.