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Email Marketing

Email Marketing – Data Clues and Actions

Hi there, We all know how efficient email marketing is in the digital marketing world nowadays. With each email subscriber, we receive tremendous valuable data. The data provides us with more insights about our potential customers. However, do we really know what to do with the data obtained through the email marketing channel? How to…
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promote personal brand on social media

How to build personal brand with social media

How can I use social media to promote my personal brand as a Marketing analytics enthusiast and a foodie at the same time? This question has stuck in my mind for a while. And, with a friend’s encouragement, I set up an Instagram account @annietaste as a food reviewer! I give honest reviews about different…
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Customer Analytics basics to win your customers!

I was spending a whole week to complete the Customer Analytics course. It is a part of the Marketing Analytics online serial courses at the Wharton University of Pennsylvania on Coursera. This course helps me not just review the knowledge of business analytics, specifically descriptive model, predictive model (regression model and probability model), and prescriptive…
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Social Media in Employer Branding

This is my Master’s Thesis which was published in Dec, 2016.

The topic is “The use of social media in enhancing the Employer Brand”