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Game Analytics – Prediction models (P.3)

Counting customers in mobile business_The case of free to play What: Prediction of users purchasing behavior in free to play models as it is a major challenge, the vital importance of managing marketing expenses and designing game mechanics. Reason: measurement to increase the game’s profitability, identify their most profitable users.

Game Analytics – Prediction models (P.2)

Gamer’s playing hours From game operator’s perspective, they want to know: How many players will join the game? How long will they stay in the game? (The length of time since player first joined the game to the time of his/her last login.) Gameplay hours & patterns are embedded in their game hours. Will the…
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Descriptive statistics using R

This project was done with a dataset of players of Sngame Company. The project aimed to predict the time spending game and the game purchase made by these players. I used the regression model, precisely with 2 linear models

Marketing material design

Once I was in a project of developing a new mobile application. A project with a group of six team members from IT and business students. Our group has different expertise including software developing, marketing, entrepreneur, and digital business. Our mobile application was named HowAbout. The name came from a member’s frequent saying. He usually…
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The Cloud Computing changed the software industry and mobile business?

This writing introduces briefly the impact as advantages and challenges of the cloud computing on the software industry and mobile business. The writing focuses on answering two questions: What are benefits and advantages that cloud computing technology drives for mobile services in m-business? What are challenges and obstacles that enterprises of the ecosystem face in…
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Prediction Models for Mobile Games (P.1)

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