Helsinki, Finland

Phở Päivä (Day of Phở ), an unique culinary campaign in Finland!

Last week, if you are living in Helsinki, you may have seen the Phở Päivä campaign (7.12.2020-12.12.2020)

🍲It is a cultural campaign to celebrate the Day of Phở on the date 12.12.2020 for the first time in Finland. Phở, an iconic Vietnamese dish, is always the most beloved Vietnamese dish of worldwide food lovers💖.

The goals of this campaign were to increase the visibility of Vietnamese cuisine in Finland 🇻🇳 and support Vietnamese restaurants in Helsinki during the Covid-19 crisis.

Key results:

The campaign received good responses from many foodies in Helsinki. The popularity of Vietnamese food culture and brands of participated Vietnamese restaurants are boosted⏫.

The project collaborated with 5 Vietnamese restaurants in Helsinki, Finland. During 6 days of the campaign, hundreds of delicious bowls of Phở are sold. Many people participated in online quiz and pictures of them enjoy Phở are shared all over Facebook and Instagram. But most of all, the campaign has marked the date 12.12 (12th of December) becoming the Day of Phở yearly to international foodies’ minds in Finland.

#PhởPäivä was my first marketing campaign from idea to execution. It took us more than 2 months to achieve this campaign. It has always been my passion to create a touching campaign like the Phở Päivä.

Together with two partners, a talented Branding designer, and a dedicated Digital Marketing strategist, we made it happen. We are proud of our culinary culture. I couldn’t achieve this unique campaign without them. Thank you! 🙏

Check out the Facebook page and Instagram to know more about what we did.

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I believe this campaign is just the start. We want to make Phở Päivä a traditional day in Finland.