Helsinki, Finland

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Phở Päivä (Day of Phở ), an unique culinary campaign in Finland!

Last week, if you are living in Helsinki, you may have seen the Phở Päivä campaign (7.12.2020-12.12.2020) 🍲It is a cultural campaign to celebrate the Day of Phở on the date 12.12.2020 for the first time in Finland. Phở, an iconic Vietnamese dish, is always the most beloved Vietnamese dish of worldwide food lovers💖. The…
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promote personal brand on social media

How to build personal brand with social media

How can I use social media to promote my personal brand as a Marketing analytics enthusiast and a foodie at the same time? This question has stuck in my mind for a while. And, with a friend’s encouragement, I set up an Instagram account @annietaste as a food reviewer! I give honest reviews about different…
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