Helsinki, Finland

“Live to eat, not eat to live” is becoming a stronger motto in me

Do you know that one of my mottoes is “Live to eat, not eat to live!”. The cuisine has become one of my most important hobbies since I moved to Finland 10 years ago. Tracing back to the root where I am from, each member of my family is a foodie. It was quite funny seeing my parents were hesitated to spend money on tangible products (e.g., home appliances), but they were so happy to pay a similar sum to enjoy a good meal. So, “foodie” is in my gene, I believe!

I was growing up with Vietnamese cuisine. Living in Finland, the cuisine world is open to my eyes little by little. During my study, I was working as a waitress in all different kinds of restaurants in Finland, from school kitchens, fast food to fine dining ones. The cuisine world is getting bigger and bigger to a little girl, but also closer. Especially now, I have the opportunity to travel to see more in other European and Asian countries (America, Africa, and Oceania, wait for me!!!)

Therefore, not so long ago, I created an Instagram account, mainly to give food reviews through the taste of a food enthusiast. None of my posts are sponsored so that it provides honest and genuine feedback. I will keep it that way even though my budget is limited.

Check it out if you are also fond of eating good food and sharing the same motto as I do. Follow me on Instagram @annietaste if you want more honest food critics 😉