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VISOR Business Model

VISOR Business Model is a research of El Sawy and Pereira (2013). The framework aimed to reach a unified business modeling framework for digital platforms. The purpose of developing this framework was to understand the dynamics of the ecosystem in the digital business. It is a complicated issue because “ecosystem is turbulent because major players competing and cooperating simultaneously” (Sawy and Pereira 2013).

More importantly, the success of the VISOR framework is to maximize the willingness to pay of customers for a service or product, while it minimizes the cost.

The VISOR framework consists of key components that specify for digital business. They are: value proposition, interface, service platforms, organizing model, and revenue/cost structure. These components are divided into two groups: real “value” proposition and real “cost” of delivery. The framework is illustrated in the figure below:


The two higher-level components that contribute to the real value proposition are:

  1. Value: value proposition for targeted customer segment
  2. Revenu/cost: revenue and cost model calculations for all participants.

There are three lower level components that contribute to the real cost of delivery:

  1. Interface: or the “wow” experience
  2. Service platforms: platforms that enable delivery
  3. Organizational model: for processes and relationships

To understand better how this framework applied into practice, I wrote a report to analyze the business model of Derigo Oy as a case study (with the information in 2015). Derigo is a micro company in Finland. It was established in 2008. The company currently has 4 offices in Turku, Espoo, Lahti and London (updated in 2017).  Derigo offers services for data management for SMEs and large corporations with the main product Pro3.

Please read the report and the analysis in detail through SlideShare link below:

[slideshare id=72638560&doc=visorbusinessmodelanalysisofderigocase-170227214448&type=d]

Further information of Derigo Oy, please contact

And, if you are interested about the VISOR framework, please read the book “VISOR: A Unified Framework for Business Modeling in the Evolving Digital Space” of Omar A. El Sawy.



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